Collaborating in a spirit of partnership leads to entrepreneurial success.

ProDelta Real Estate

ProDelta Real Estate has been developing and managing logistics and industrial real estate for more than 40 years. Our real estate portfolio exceeds 500,000 m² of buildings on 95-plus hectares of land. ProDelta Real Estate focuses on real estate in the Rotterdam port delta and in the region covering the Rotterdam -Antwerp-Ruhr triangle.

ProDelta Real Estate is always on the lookout for opportunities that require innovative, sustainable solutions. We aim to expand our portfolio by focusing on existing projects as well as large-scale development and redevelopment sites. In collaboration with our partners, we aim for the best results possible.

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ProDelta Investments

As we see it, successful investment or participation goes beyond providing capital. We aspire to work in partnership with companies in situations where we can bring our financial clout as well as our commercial and strategic experience to the table: we seek and provide added value.

ProDelta is a family business that was born out of the principle that every company or entrepreneur needs a partner, both when times are prosperous and when things get a little harder. This is why we believe in long-term commitments.

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Hovago Cranes

Hovago, part of the ProDelta Group, specializes in the international rental and trade in mobile cranes. Hovago was founded in 1946 and started out as a trader of used cranes and earth-moving machinery. Hovago has been successfully active in the international and hoisting market for over 70 years. Our global reach and our strength ensure that we spot opportunities early and respond quickly.

From our headquarters in Dordrecht we buy, sell and rent cranes to our global customer group. Thousands of mobile cranes in all categories, capacities and models are exported to countries to all over the world. From the US and Canada to Australia, and from South America to Scandinavia.

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