Renewed contract with Electro Cirkel in Waalhaven Rotterdam.


ProDelta has renewed the contract with Electro Cirkel, after a 7-year cooperation.


Electro Cirkel leases a total of 7,000 m2 of industrial space and 240 m2 of office space of the Distriport Waalhaven complex. Distriport Waalhaven is a modern, BREEAM-certified distribution complex located in Rotterdam's Waalhaven and comprises a total of approximately 32,500 m2.

Waalhaven jan 2024

Elektro Cirkel is a wholesaler dedicated to the distribution of high-quality lighting products and electronic equipment to the shipping and manufacturing industry. In addition, they supply various brands of light sources, including their own brand Calex, and related products to retailers.


For further information, please contact Mr. S. van Zwienen at 010-8920470 or s.vanzwienen@prodelta.nl.