ProDelta sells logistics complex San Marinoweg 16 - 20 in Vlissingen

Prodelta sold the logistics complex located at San Marinoweg 16 -20 in Vlissingen to Bulk Terminal Zeeland (BTZ) on December 30, 2022.

Developed in 2003 and comprising over 30,000 m², the complex was acquired by ProDelta in 2007 and has been continuously leased to various companies since that time. Since 2017, the complex has been occupied by BTZ.

BTZ engages in the transshipment of all types of dry bulk: from wood pellets and organic agri-products to stepping stones for the reinforcement of offshore wind turbines. BTZ's complex in the East of Vlissingen has grown enormously in recent years: from 2,5 to 21 hectares, and the distribution building on San Marino Road is an integral part of it.

In the coming years, ProDelta Real Estate will focus on expanding its portfolio in logistics and industrial real estate. Both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, it will focus on the growth of its portfolio focused on senior housing and private residential care facilities.


For further information, please contact ProDelta Real Estate:

Mr. F. van Dijk

T: 010 89 20 470

E: f.vandijk@prodelta.nl