ProDelta is the first to achieve the Excellent New Build Completion Certificate according to BREEAM 2020 in the Nethterlands.

ROTTERDAM – ProDelta has achieved an extraordinary milestone in the field of sustainable construction and development. Our latest project, the distribution center DC Frankeneng in Ede, has been awarded with the Excellent New Construction Completion Certificate according to the 2020 BREEAM Guidelines. This makes DC Frankeneng the very first complex in the Netherlands to be certified according to this guideline.

Frankeneng 2

DC Frankeneng is a model of sustainable design and construction. It integrates energy-saving technologies, eco-friendly materials and green space planning, resulting in a functional and environmentally friendly building. A free stack height of as much as 15.20 m has also been achieved.

ProDelta values building long term relationships with its tenants so that they can focus on their core business in a high quality, sustainably built Distribution Center.

We would like to thank Lois Advies and VDR Bouwgroep for the pleasant cooperation and their crucial role in this process. Their expertise and dedication have also helped to make this possible.

In addition, we would like to thank our tenants Brocacef, Unilin/Peitsman and Lobbes for their trust.

With the realization of DC Frankeneng, a great step has been taken towards sustainable building!

For further information, please contact Mr. S. van Zwienen, at +31 10-8920470 or