ProDelta extends lease agreement with loyal tenant at Commodity Park Rotterdam

Recently ProDelta has renewed the lease of approximately 22,000 sq. meters of industrial space at the Commodity Park in Rotterdam for a long period. This tentant rents space at this complex already since the completion of the park in 2008.

Developed by ProDelta, the complex includes 71,000 sq. meters of high-quality commercial space, compartmentalized into 28 units starting at 2,150 sq. meters. The compartmentalization gives tenants the flexibility to grow ensuring long-term housing.

The robust construction makes the project distinctive in the Port of Rotterdam. The solid sheds meet the strict safety requirements for the storage of metals, cocoa and for the storage of ADR goods.

Commodity park

For further information, please contact Mr. S. van Zwienen, at 010-8920470 or