ProDelta Investments

Welcome to ProDelta Investments

As we see it, successful investment or participation goes beyond providing capital. We aspire to work in partnership with companies in situations where we can bring our financial clout as well as our commercial and strategic experience to the table: we seek and provide added value.

ProDelta is a family business that was born out of the principle that every company or entrepreneur needs a partner, both when times are prosperous and when things get a little harder. This is why we believe in long-term commitments.

ProDelta Investments participates independently with a minority or majority interest. Here we see the participation of management with capital in the organization as a precondition for participation. We are happy to co-invest in collaboration with other private equity organizations to combine competencies. The majority of our investments are in the area of ​​buyouts and expansion financing.

Within this division we focus on companies that are related to the activities of our existing partners. We focus on medium-sized companies, active in trade and industry and with a high degree of innovation. This includes rental, lifting, logistics real estate and asset-based or trading companies.

Companies in which ProDelta participates include Riwal and Holland Lift.