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Distriport Waalhaven

For years The Netherlands are considered to be the logistical ‘gateway to Europe’. Within The Netherlands the Rotterdam harbor is considered to be one of the best spots for storage and handling of goods. The Rotterdam ‘Waalhaven’ has been around for a 100 years is the largest men-dug harbor in the world today. The Waalhaven has played an important role in the development of the greater Rotterdam harbor and is still an area of great economic value. Favorably situated within the Rotterdam ring road, and almost adjacent to the A15 motorway at exit 18, Distriport Waalhaven is a great base for harbor related businesses. To be able to keep this status in the future the Port of Rotterdam has continuously been upgrading the area. Distriport Waalhaven is part of the revitalization project and shall give the area a new impulse. The distribution complex will meet all modern and logistical requirements.

After removal of the existing ‘Hilgersweg’ and the buildings at both sides of it, a new state of the art distribution center of over 32.000 m² will be developed, covering the aforementioned area.

Phase 1 of this project concerns units 1, 2 and 3, with a total floor area of 11.650 m².

Phase 2 concerns units 4 up to and including 8, with a total floor area of 20.350 m².

Status :

Type :
Warehouse for the storage and handling of goods

Accessibility :
Favorably situated within the Rotterdam ring road, and almost adjacent to the A15 motorway (Maasvlakte - Nijmegen) at exit number 18, you will find Distriport Waalhaven. The A15 motorway is the most prominent thoroughfare in the Rotterdam harbor and industrial area and is currently being expanded up to ‘Vaanplein’, diminishing traffic jams in due time.

The complex can also be reached by various public bus services.

Distriport Waalhaven is situated mere minutes from the rail and home terminal.

Address :
Van Weerden Poelmanweg 28 (3088 EB)
Van Riemsdijkweg 51 - 53 (3088 HB)

Zipcode :
3088 EB / 3088 HB

Location :

Nationality :
The Netherlands

Floor area :
11.453 m² (Phase I)