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Distriport Tilburg

ProDelta began the development of Distriport Tilburg in March 2015. Distriport Tilburg is located in the Vossenberg West II industrial zone, directly alongside the Barge Terminal Tilburg. The total complex comprises approx. 62,850 m² of logistics space, approx. 7,750 m² of mezzanine space and customized office space, divided into six combinable units. 

The complex offers maximum quality, sustainability and flexibility. Elements that illustrate this are a clear stacking height of 12.20 metres, a concrete wall base with a height of 2.5 to 3.5 metres, an ultra-flat concrete floor (Din 15185), 1 loading dock per 800 m² of logistics space, and separate traffic flows and parking facilities for goods vehicles and cars. The grounds provide ample space for ECO combis / LHVs to dock easily.

The EDC has a high sustainability level and aims to achieve a BREEAM-NL certificate with at least a qualification of ‘VERY GOOD’. This represents a score of at least 55%.

Innovation and environment:

The following innovative and environmentally friendly design measures have been used in the building:

- Energy-efficient lighting in the offices and warehouse, fitted with high-frequency ballasts or as led (to be determined);

- Monitoring of energy consumption per compartment and building function by means of submeters;

- Energy-efficient outdoor lighting;

- Sanitary facilities with reduced water consumption, leak detection, infrared detection on water taps;

- Parking spaces with charging points for electric cars;

- Encouraging carpooling by creating priority parking spaces close to the entrance;

- Using indigenous plants in the green zone which will rely only on local rainfall, making an irrigation system unnecessary.

Various measures are taken during the building process to reduce the environmental impact, such as: 

- Recording and publicizing the consumption of water and electricity;

- Limiting waste and disposal by an accredited waste processor;

- Appointing an ecologist to minimize the impact of the building work on the ecology.

The following sustainable measures will be taken at a social and/or economic level:

- Consultation among users and other stakeholders;

- Transport plan to encourage a reduction in car use.

Status :

Type :
Industrial space suitable for the storage of merchandise

Address :
Letostraat 29-35 (5047 RP)
Erebusstraat 9-11 (5047 RN)

Zipcode :
5047 RP / 5047 RN

Location :

Nationality :
The Netherlands

Floor area :
62.857 m²