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DC Ede

Distribution centre Ede is located at Newtonstreet 6 in Ede and is let to several lessee's. The distribution complex comprises of 21,080 m² of warehouse space, 1,209 m² of office space and 869 m² of VAS-area. The complex can readily be used for cross-docking activities. ProDelta renovated the distribution complex esthetically, as well as technically. Further, ProDelta is willing to contribute in further revitalization of the complex. With these modifications and the existing free height of 11 meters, DC Ede meets all logistical requirements of the present day.


Status :

Type :
Warehouse- and distribution space

floor surface :
App. 20.362 m²

App. 2.734 m²

Address :
Newtonstraat 6

Zipcode :
6716 BK

Location :

Nationality :

Floor area :
App. 23,096 m²