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DC Vlissingen

DC Vlissingen is located at the Vlissingen seaport, which is strategically located between the Rotterdam and Antwerp harbour. Recently, the Scaldia harbour in back of the Vlisssingen harbour was opened, which gave the harbour an extra impulse and made the complex conveniently accessible via road and water. In consultation with the lessor, a railway connection can be constructed. The complex of approximately 30,300 m² has been divided in three areas, each with 10,100 m² including fire-retardant walls. These areas can be rented individually. Recently, the complex was upgraded to meet all the logistic requirements.

Status :

Type :
Warehouse- and distribution space

Accessibility :
At a relatively short distance from east Vlissingen there are three connections to the A58 motorway (East-Souburg, Middelburg and Heinkenszand). The roads connecting with the national road infrastructure do not pass through residential areas. Important hinterland connections are the N57 (Midden-Zeeland route), the sea links (Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and Belgium) and the A58 (direction Bergen op Zoom) in connection with the future Zoomweg (Rotterdam-Antwerp).

floor surface :
San Marino 16:
App. 10,100 m² warehousespace

San Marino 18:
App. 10,100 m² warehousespace

San Marino 20:
App. 10,100 m² warehousespace

Address :
San Marinoweg 16, 18 and 20

Zipcode :
4389 PS

Location :

Nationality :

Floor area :
Approx. 30.300 m²