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Distriport Benelux

In 2004 ProDelta acquired the former tanker park from VOPAK through a sale & leaseback transaction. VOPAK, presently known as VLS Group Pernis, rents two logistic properties on the project location, each of 10,000 m², with accompanying office space and a Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) parking of approximately 7,000 m². The remaining spaces have been entirely redeveloped, which demonstrated that ProDelta it is not always looking for nice and green locations. After all, spaces and good locations in the Rotterdam harbour are scarce.


Right after the acquisition in 2004 ProDelta started reorganising the former tanker park. A 33-meter quay was constructed that connects to paved grounds that function as a fully-fledged container terminal. The accessibility via railway, road and water makes this is an ideal location for the Pernis Combi Terminal, which uses the terminal.


In 2005 the southern side of the project was expanded by 10,000 m². This space meets all the modern logistic requirements. In addition to being the developer of the project, ProDelta is also the investor, which provides it with a maintenance-free, qualitative and sustainable premise. For this reason we chose for a concrete construction. Cargo Terminal Gadering is pleased to rent 5 connected units for its storage and transfer activities.


In 2008 ProDelta began working on the northern point of Distribution Port Benelux. Logistic space of more than 28,000 m² was developed divided over two buildings. In total 10 units of approximately 2,800 m² were constructed, which are suitable for storage and distribution of merchandise and hazardous materials. For the storage of hazardous materials the complex has been equipped with central facilities so a fire extinguisher installation can be constructed upon demand. The entire project already has the necessary environmental permits for the storage of hazardous materials and commodities. This saves leaseholders time and dealing with complex procedures.


In 2018, an extra outside air foam extinguishing installation will be installed, which will further increase the storage possibilities of ADR goods.

Status :

Type :
Industrial space suitable for the storage of merchandise and hazardous goods

Accessibility :
Distribution Port Benelux is located along the A4 motorway near the southern entrance of the Benelux tunnel. The location can easily be reached via the A4 and A15 motorways (Europoort-Nijmegen), exit Pernis, harbour number 3005.

floor surface :
High CPR Wareouse:
App. 10,000 m²

Low CPR Loods + additional area's:
App. 10,000 m²

New Building CTG:
App. 10,000 m²

Distriport Benelux North:
App. 25,000 m²

Address :

Zipcode :
3196 KC

Location :

Nationality :

Floor area :
App. 57,500 m²