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Commodity/ADR Park Rotterdam

Commodity Park Rotterdam has a high-grade industrial space of approximately 71,000 m² divided over one building of approximately 19,000 m² and 2 buildings of approximately 26,000 m². The storage of commodities, such as cacao, coffee, metals (non-ferrous) and plastics need to meet highly stringent and specific requirements. That is why Commodity Park Rotterdam is being developed in close collaboration with various public bodies. The hangars are well-secured as they are made entirely out of concrete (columns, beamers, floors and outer walls). The solid concrete construction also makes the project sustainable, the most important factors being lifespan, energy-saving and future re-use of materials. 

Approximately 30% of the total complex has been made suitable for the storage of ADR goods.

Status :

Type :
Warehouse- and distribution space for commodities

Accessibility :
Private transportation:
Commodity Park Rotterdam is located conveniently along the A15/N15 motorway (Europoort-Nijmegen).
Past the Suurhoff bridge Commodity Park Rotterdam can be reached via exit Oostvoorne (harbour number 7000-7100), Dolfijnweg 2-58.

Public transportation:
Commodity Park Rotterdam can be reached by various bus services.

floor surface :
Commodity Park Rotterdam comprises a total of three buildings:
Building 1: app. 19,000 m² in units from 2,150 m²
Building 2: app. 26,000 m² in units from 2,575 m²
Building 3: app. 25,931 m² in units from 2,575 m²

Address :
Dolfijnweg 2-58

Zipcode :
3199 MD

Location :

Nationality :

Floor area :
App. 71,000 m²